Radiant Floor Heat - Costs Benefits and Features

Radiant Floor Heating allows you to show off your beautiful floors and heat your home at the same time! Don't cover your ceramic tile, marble, or stone floors with rugs, show their beauty and allow them to give you the heat you want at the same time! The feeling of warmth under your feet when it's cold and snowing outside is like no other.

Costs of operating radiant floor heating systems is nominal as compared to other heating options. Here is an example: Lets say that we are heating an area of 20 feet by 30 feet 600 square feet (a good size room) and the system we install uses 12 watts per square foot. 60 square feet times 12 watts equals 720 watts, or .72 kilowatts per hour and if it's run for ten hours every day equals 7.2 kilowatt hours. That is 216 Kilowatt hours for thirty days (one month). At a cost of 5.37 cents each kilowatt hour the total cost to operate the system for an entire month is just $11.60! How can you beat that price? (Radiant Floor Heat - Costs Benefits and Features continued...)

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