How many times have you walked barefoot on your tile floor in the middle of winter and said "Man that's cold!"? A few times I'm sure. Well, with radiant floor heating you can say goodbye to cold feet on your tile floor. Radiant floor heating goes further than just keeping the floors in your home warm. It also helps in warming the entire house.

How does radiant floor heating actually work anyway? Basically, it's a system of hot water tubes that are connected to the sub-floor. Thermal flooring is then installed over the top of these tubes which will take the heat and transfer it out into the room.

It is kind of like how an old hot water radiator worked when you were in school. At least those of us who are old enough to remember those radiators in the classrooms.

The heating source can be from any number of hot water resources. Because of how flexible the flooring system is, it makes for many different options.

What I really like about radiant heat flooring is that it is so quiet. You have no idea the system is even running. I love it in the bathroom!

It is also a very energy efficient heating system and dramatically reduces the need to run the furnace.

If you are searching for a way of keeping your floors warm in the winter and save money on your heating bills, consider taking a serious look at radiant heat flooring.

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