Chromolox KR Single Fixed Element Radiant Heater

Product Type: Electric Radiant Heat
Brand: Chromolox

This radiant heater is perfect for spot heating, aisleways, garages and to prevent pipes from freezing. It is a single phase heater that is available in 120, 208 and 240 Volt options. It has a protective grill which encloses the heating element and provides the preferred infrared heating that many industrial and commercial applications need. The Chromolox KR Single Fixed Element Radiant Heater heats people and objects as opposed to the air or space. This radiant heater is less affected by drafts and large air movements. It can be used directly overhead to heat a building or be positioned strategically for targeted heating of loading docks or parts counters. Infrared heat is a highly desired heating source and this model does not generate noise or fumes, making it safe to operate in any type of facility.