Chromolox RBC-1 Overhead Radiant Space Heater

Product Type: Electric Radiant Heat
Brand: Chromolox

Chromolox has designed this radiant heater with utility in mind. It utilizes infrared heat to warm areas from a fixed overhead position. It has many practical applications in commercial establishments such as work shops, laundries, factories, and assembly areas. It can heat large areas of space without relying on flames or gas, just electrically generated infrared heat. This is a great solution to supplement heat in damp areas. These heaters are convenient because they can be suspended overhead in a similar fashion to fluorescent lighting. This RBC-1 Overhead Radiant Space Heater allows you to focus the heat on where you want it to be. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, it can be washed down with water when disconnected from its power source. This is a safe and powerful radiant heating solution for many industries that need heat without flames or fumes.


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