Chromolox STAR Infra-Red Radiant Heater Portable

Product Type: Electric Radiant Heat
Brand: Chromolox

This portable radiant heater is handy for when you need to be mobile and have a temporary heating solution available. This is ideal for areas where depending on air movement heating systems is impractical or working in an unheated area of a construction site. This heater is versatile and designed to directly warm where it is needed, whether it is for primary or spot heating purposes. This unit is constructed for long life and can survive the wear and tear of daily mobile use. This unit comes fully assembled and ready to use. The Chromolox STAR Infra-Red Radiant Heater has an extruded aluminum housing which protects the heating elements at the focal point. Each unit has a mirrored aluminum reflector which effectively radiates the heat evenly to where it is needed. This is the ideal mobile heating solution for work areas and situations where there is no fixed heating system.