Electric radiant heat systems can be utilized in various aspects of your home or office. These systems are easy to install during a remodel or new construction of a home. They provide a unique way of heating any room, especially those rooms with cold tile or cement floors.

When electric radiant heat is installed, a thin mat of electric heating elements are lied down and then a thinset of cement is placed over it. The flooring of your choice is then placed on top of that cement. The heat is controlled by a timer-thermostat. The concept is similar to that of an electric blanket. They are made of a heat resistance wire that is placed in a serpentine fashion throughout the floor. This type of heating is very energy efficient and can be operated on as little as ten cents per day of electricity.

If you are remodeling one to five rooms, you are going to find that electric radiant heating is excellent. It is not as expensive as Hydronic radiant heating and can even be installed by yourself. This type of heating is excellent for heating bathrooms and kitchens. The tile in these two rooms is often the coldest surfaces in your home and winter can make them even colder. This type of heating is also good for rooms such as nurseries where children are often playing on the floor.

Electric floor heating is usually installed for comfort in specific rooms, but can also be used to heat your whole home. Specifically, bathrooms are the most common areas that this type of flooring is installed. You can relieve those cold shivers you get when you step on your bathroom tile and even help to warm the cold air that hits you when you get out of a nice, hot shower. When you utilize radiant heating, you can set the thermostat to come on at specific times. This means that every surface in your bathroom can be nice and warm as soon as you step foot into it. Every surface in your bathroom will be warm, no matter how cold it is outside. The same is true for any other room that you install electric radiant heat into the floor.

Electric radiant heating is ideal for remodels and new construction. Electric radiant heating does not require the floor level to raise, as is the case with most Hydronic systems. Additionally, because the electric radiant heating elements are higher in the floor than hydroponic you don't have to wait as long to feel the results. Electric radiant can become warm in as little as thirty minutes to an hour while the Hydronic system can take up to four to seven hours when they are first turned on. Many people will leave Hydronic systems on all the time, which can cost you more in energy over time, however, electric can be turned on and off as you need to.

Whether you select electric or Hydronic is up to you and your needs. If you are looking for on demand heat, then you may find that electric is your best choice. If you are looking for long term heat, such as for heating your whole house, Hydronic may be your better option.