RE-VERBER-RAY DR Series Gas Fired Infrared Heaters

Product Type: Electric Radiant Heat
Brand: Re-Verber-Ray

These heaters are made by a trusted name in radiant heat solutions, Detroit Radiant Products. This series of heaters are utilized in areas with high air infiltration and are ideal for high ceilings and spot heating situations. The DR series is available in many configurations depending on the size and need of the heating space. The DR series can be used in areas where unvented heat is preferred. This could be the case in spot heating applications. Each heater comes with a patented ceramic burner that insures proper and powerful conversion to infra-red radiation. There are three different heater control systems, with either direct, spark or pilot ignition. A bright polished aluminum reflector insures that the heat is dispersed evenly with proper intensity. Each unit has a solid infrared radiation area covering nearly 68% of space. This is strictly a commercial radiant heater and is not designed for home use. It is an effective and safe heating solution for many industrial applications.