RE-VERBER-RAY PH Series Gas Fired Patio Heaters

Product Type: Outdoor Radiant Heating
Brand: Re-Verber-Ray

These heaters can bring the benefits of infrared radiant heating to any commercial or residential patio. It runs on natural or propane gas and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling with ease. These units were designed with outdoor patios in mind, and can distribute heat evenly without regard to air circulation. The constant and consistent infrared heat mimics the rays of the sun and keeps people warm regardless of the ambient air. The RE-VERBER-RAY PH series is attractive and ideal for various indoor and outdoor arenas such as restaurant patios, entryways, mezzanines and outdoor dining areas. This series is designed to give off radiant heat in a comfortable and reliable fashion. This series is easy to install and causes minimal disruption to surrounding aesthetics and provides the perfect amount of warmth for any space, whether it is indoors or outdoors.